"Healthy Teeth" mean a "Healthy Smile"

General Dentistry in Oceanside CA

General dentistry by Dean Saiki, DDS in Oceanside, CAWe have been privileged to provide our patients with general dental care in the North County for many years. Over the years dentistry has changed and so have the expectations of our patients. Our goal has always been to exceed the expectations of our patients. Today more than ever patients have choices, whether it be to hide or replace an old silver filling or replace a missing tooth, there are many more options and materials available. New technology and better dental techniques have enhanced the way we can deliver these services.

Pictures can better aid in patient understanding

Helping patients to better understand their individual dental concerns, we employ an intra oral camera, allowing you to “see what we see”. Many of these images are captured, and then stored in each patient’s individual digital file. It can then be retrieved later, copied, or sent to a specialist if needed. This is just one of the new technologies used to help advance General Dentistry.


The camera displays full motion video and because it has a built in L.E.D. light source, it gives us an easy to see picture.
The intraoral camera is an innovation in dentistry that enables you to get a close up view of your mouth. Because it has a built in light source, the intraoral camera gives us easy to see video and still pictures. We can give you a tour of your entire mouth or we can zoom in on one tooth, showing you cavities, gum disease, cracked teeth, and broken fillings. And after we’ve treated your dental condition, the intraoral camera can let you see, up close, your beautiful healthy teeth and gums. Images captured with the intraoral camera can easily be printed out or stored as part of your permanent dental record. They may also be emailed to specialists and insurance companies. Intraoral cameras, a great new tool for dentistry, that enables you, to see what we see, in your mouth.

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