Have a Broken Denture or Partial?

Dentures & Partials in Oceanside, CA

Dentures and partials at Beachside Dental in Oceanside, CAEven the most professionally made removable appliance may need a tune up now and then. It is recommended to have at least, the fit, of your denture or partial, checked regularly. Ill fitting restorations can cause sore spots or perhaps in the worst case, cause the failure of existing teeth. A typical denture will need an occasional reline every 2-5 years depending on the amount of use. Changes in body weight can also cause a denture to become ill fitting. Your gums can shrink or expand due to these changes. If your gums expand your denture may rub in that area excessively, causing a sore spot, sometimes producing a pain so severe that you can no longer wear your denture. If your gums shrink, now there is a space between the acrylic and your tissue allowing food to collect. Sometimes the space between the removable appliance and your ridge allows your partial or denture to move up and down. Over time this movement will put extra stress on the anchor teeth, the teeth that your partial may be clasping or hanging onto and this will potentially cause further tooth loss. In the case of dentures this space or ability to move will cause a decrease in retention, now your denture may fall/move while eating or speaking. A simple reline will fill this space and create a tighter fitting, more retentive denture or partial. A reline is a procedure done to increase the thickness of your removable prosthesis. It is done in a dental laboratory but sometimes it can be done within one day.

Implanted dentures at Beachside Dental in Oceanside, CADr. Saiki works with some of the best dental laboratories in the area and the nation. Many times he can repair or replace parts to a well fitting removable restoration, or reline your denture, in the same day. If you lost a tooth on your denture or partial bring it in the morning and have it back that afternoon, fitting like new again!

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