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Gum Disease!

Laser Dentistry in Oceanside, CA

Laser Dentistry, Beachside Dental in Oceanside, CAIt begins with Inflammation or gingivitis due to the bacterial accumulation around your teeth and gums, if left untreated it can advance to periodontal disease. Toxins produced by the bacteria, begin to break down bone and surrounding connective tissue which can now lead to tooth mobility and even tooth loss. If your gums feel tender, swollen, or bleed easily, these may be the early signs of gum disease. Untreated periodontal disease has also been linked to heart disease and other serious health conditions. Advanced cases used to require surgery to correct, and while more times than not surgery is still the best option, we can now treat some periodontal conditions with the laser first. Lasers are now more commonly used in dentistry. They are a valuable tool to the Dentist and Hygienist when working on the soft tissue or gums.

Dr. Saiki and his hygienist use a DEKA CO2 dental laser. One of the most advanced dental lasers used today; The DEKA CO2 can provide other options to traditional periodontal procedures as well as better manage soft tissue problems encountered in even simple restorative cases. What this means to the patients are even more comfortable and far less invasive experiences in the chair.

Laser Dentistry

New breakthroughs in laser technology are changing dentistry.
Treating the soft areas in your mouth is a lot more comfortable thanks to lasers. A laser uses energized light to precisely remove soft tissue. The light beam simultaneously sculpts and cauterizes the area. That means there is little, to no bleeding, making your healing time faster and it sterilizes the tissue, reducing the chance of infection. The laser targets just the area to be treated, leaving surrounding areas untouched. Because lasers work on a cellular level the procedure is usually painless. Most people don’t need anesthesia. No shots, no numbness, and a laser is quiet. You’ll probably only hear a low him or beep. Lasers can be used for a number of procedures including crown lengthening to improve your smile, sterilizing areas infected with bacteria, removing gum tissue without cutting, removing cold sores and lesions. And the FDA says lasers are safe to use on everyone. Lasers can be a welcomed tool to help you get a bright healthy smile.

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